Unique & Distinguishing Facets

The school offers students and parents a unique educational experience which in many ways, is different from schools elsewhere. The silent and distinguishing features which make the school exceptional are the following :

  • AVM has a nurturing climate based on the twin foundations of love and discipline. It is suffused with prayers, Bhajans, Stories and Shlok drown from different faiths of the world.
  • A Major focus of the school is character development, in addition to academic excellence inculcating the virtues of adherence to truth with discipline dedication and devotion to duty.
  • The school believes in national integration and thus has students belonging to various religious groups. They fully participate in all festivals celebrated and cultural programmes conducted at the school. This serves to give them a feel of the hallowed ideals of "Unity-Purity-Divinity" which is the quintessence of Indian Culture.
  • All the class rooms have digital education.
  • Frequent Parent-Teachers meet helps to keep the parents about the child's progress updated.